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10 Red Flags to Avoid While Buying From Manufacturer of Leather Dress Shoes in India

10 Red Flags to Avoid While Buying From Manufacturer of Leather Dress Shoes in India

Some would say that shoes are the most crucial aspects of any outfit, more so the formal ones or when you are on a suit. Though we will not go to that extent, we do agree that is indeed an inherent value in calling the right shots, when it comes to choosing leather shoes. Hence, we have discussed a few of the most embarrassing mistakes that people commit while opting for the right pair of leather dress shoes. These are the mistakes that play a spoilsport when it comes to purchasing footwear.

Opting for Too Adventurous Pairs:

When it comes to choosing products from a reputed manufacturer of leather dress shoes in India, a common customer may very well be left bedazzled by the wide plethora of available options. However, a seasoned user should know that the best way to get the best product is to stick to the basics. It is the best option of picking up a product that will underline the style statement in the most authoritative way.

Being too adventurous will only invite some unwanted complications, which will overshadow the crux of the personality that the individual carries with him. Opting for shoes with too many colourful minutiae, or the ones with soles that are too much outlandish is a mistake of Himalayan proportion.

Opting for shoes that have classic intonation will pay off better. At times, being naïve gives profit. It’s applicable when it comes to selecting these leather dress shoes.

Mismatching Shoes with The Outfits:

This is another highly embarrassing blunder that some people end up committing. Before picking up the pair of their choice, they forget to take a hard look at their wardrobe. That’s when disaster strikes and they are caught in a tongue-in-cheek situation.

They end up purchasing shoes that do not ‘go’ with the type of outfits they generally wear and that is not the right thing to happen. Shoes mismatching with the outfits can never be good style statements. Therefore, not considering the predominance of the type of outfit in the wardrobe happens to be one of the most critical mistakes when it comes to selecting the right kind of shoes. A contemporary cosmopolitan individual MUST know the choose the type of shoes that “GO WITH” this wardrobe.

Opting the Wrong Size:

This is another mistake that these hapless souls commit at times. They do not pay much heed to the size of their outfit and in that invites troubles. Some take a lackluster view and get on with sizes that are not an exact fit with their feet. This is wrong, the say the least. It will not only make movement uncomfortable but will cause blisters and nagging knuckle pain.

They hope that subsequent use of the shoes will cause the leather to stretch. This does not happen to quality leathers. They are already seasoned and hence, do not stretch – at least not that much to provide make a ‘smallish’ pair of shoes fit in. Hence, the safest move is to opt for a pair that fits exactly. Taking the help of a professional, associated with the manufacture of leather shoes in India is the best option.

Opting for Too Expensive Pairs:

There are two principal ways in which these leather dress shoes can consume your money. One is opting for the most famous brands, where you have to pay extra just for the name – not the quality.

The other way is opting for the quality brands that come with an exorbitantly high price. This is not to demean those famous brands, but why on earth you should spend so much on shoes? There is the online world for you to explore and find out the ones that will not only give the best names in the world of footwear but the ones that will come you at wallet supportive price. You will be able to purchase directly from the companies directly, instead of those storefronts, who will charge you extra. So that helps to save substantially.

Not Starting with the Classics:

This is an extremely common mistake that people commit while starting with leather dress shoes. Out of exuberance or out of ignorance, they get a bit too adventurous. Well, it’s not about the look and feel only, as discussed in the first point. It’s about style as well. They start with the more eccentric ones and end up with a red face. This is nothing short of a mistake.

Hence the ideal way is to opt for the classics, leaving the eccentric ones to be tried later on. Start your collection with a more classic warhorse with a black cap toe or something more casual like a wingtip or a blucher.

You can also go for the stitched or the welted ones, with a leather sole, though you will find some with rubber soles as well. Take a tour inside and bring out the inner lining. You will find it stitched. A quality stitched welt can at times have the stitching outside.

Buying Only a Solitary Pair:

One pair of these dress leather shoes will not suffice – for sure. You cannot effort to put it on every day and still want it to be at the pink of health and glory. That is another error that people commit and pay the price of having to look for newer pairs a bit too often. Surely, it is a wastage of money and the makers have to take the brunt of it. These obnoxious souls (forgive my language) would leave negative remarks in the testimonials. The makers have to pay the price at the end of the day, despite coming up with the best possible products.

What these people forget that every product has a threshold point, as far as its sustainability is concerned, and when they use one pair, that threshold is crossed over in a jiffy. they don’t realize that they need to have a backup or two to make sure the shelf life of their shoes is extended. Hence, the bottom line is that opting for just a solitary pair is a blunder. One has to have at least a couple of pairs, if not more, to make the fullest of these shoes.

Not paying enough heed to the details:

People make this blunder even after being seasoned users of these shoes. Whenever they purchase their favourite pair, they skip paying attention to the details. Just because they have opted for reputed manufacturer of leather shoes in India they take their quality for granted. This is the start of all the troubles subsequently. It’s not that people do it out of intension. They do it out of ignorance. Ignorance is bliss – but not always! Here’s is why:

  • The heel is at times built at times form the layers of leather that is secured with tacks, which should be the case
  • When you opt for a pair of brogues, the perforations or the holes need to be clean, which at times is found wanting
  • The pair must have a leather lining for protecting the exterior parts from feet that have the tendency to turn sweaty. That does not happen every time, even if you opt for the best ones (manufacturing defect? – let us hope so!). Whatever the reason might be, it will make the purchase less than perfect.
  • The lining is not always secure with a solitary stitch, and it always does not remain even around the edges. People ignore this detail as well and end up picking up a pair that will not give the best experience

Not Minding the Belt:

This is a less fatal one and also comparative a superficial one, as well. Yet, it is no less than an ERROR, and that counts. In other words, the pair alone will not be able to create that aura that it is expected to create. Therefore, before leaving the online or the brick and mortar store, one has to pick up a matching belt, which will pair with the shoes. It is imperative to that the colour of the belt supports the look and feel of the shoes. Majority of the reputed companies that manufacture of leather shoes in India would come up with a series of leather belts as well, which pair with suitable pairs and work!

Purchasing Shoes that are meant for Elves – not men!

While earlier we had warned about the mistake of spending too much for these leather shoes, spending too little for them is again – A MISTAKE! But, if you are to believe the experts, this is an epidemic.

Some people prefer those cheaper versions that come with plastic soles and those pointy toes, which turn up nowhere near looking stylish. These avatars do not even look remotely acceptable. But that’s the blunder people end up doing. Frankly speaking, so appalling these tawdrier versions are, that their very ubiquity or abundance has not mitigated their utter nonsensicality.

Firstly, they will, at no cost, last longer more than only a season or two, at the most before those ridiculous soles will burn through and give in. Secondly, they make their users look hardly any better than those medieval peasants, whom you see on period web series these days that tell the stories of middle age Europe. They may also make their wearers look like – what else, but elves. Thirdly, the users will have to fight hard to earn respect and only then the mistake will be realized. But by then, the damage to the image has already been done. Remember, impression, once ruined is hard to regain.

Mistaking Pleather to be leather:

This is the mistake that will cost the user very dearly and that again happens due to ignorance. Pleather (A crude amalgamation of plastic and leather) is a cheaper substitute of leather. It is mainly made out of polyurethane. Unless a user of a strict vegan, or is allergic to leather, opting for pleather shoes will be considered as a mistake. Firstly, it is best used for the making of those knock-off man bags. Hence, shoes, more so the leather dress pairs do not pair well with this material – ideally.

Besides everything else, these are highly inflammable materials, which should not turn you on, if being a cosmopolitan style pariah with a sex appeal while going for a first formal date fails to do so.

Therefore, you see, it is not about just picking up the right pair of leather dress shoes. There are so many of them around, and you can just pick them up like anything. But that will not work, more so because you are investing a handsome amount to get one of the bests. Plus, there is the eternal question of how long they will last, given the street conditions of our country (if you are not one of those blocks in Ducatis or Lamborghinis).

Therefore, when you plan to have a pair or two (or more) you MUST at any cost, put your stakes on these mistakes that people commit and find themselves in trouble with a capital ‘T’. Do not be one of those leagues – heaven’s sake! Act smart, and shop smart! Get a pair of leather dress shoes that will make you look like a true man beaming with confidence, as you face the world that puts more emphasis on packaging than on anything else. That goes for goods as well as people – these days.

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