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6 Secrets of Choosing a Quality Manufacturer of Leather Dress Shoes in India

6 Secrets of Choosing a Quality Manufacturer of Leather Dress Shoes in India

Well, picking up the right manufacturer of leather shoes is not rocket science. You can surely do that provided you maintain some rationality.

One of the most popular and tried & tested ways of checking the authenticity of leather dress shoes is by the good old ‘touch ‘n feel’ technique. You press the leather texture and you will understand if it is genuine leather. If genuine, it will wrinkle and pull in. Besides, genuine leather gives you a more swanky and natural touch and feel.

Here are some secrets that will help you single out a quality manufacturer of leather dress shoes in India without much hassle.

The Fitting:

Shoe fitting is an extremely important factor that comes into play while purchasing leather shoes. A leather shoe, which comes out of the hands of an experienced and expert craftsman, will surely fit perfectly. Besides, it will act as a very part of your body while you walk. A good fitting leather shoe will last longer and the chance of wrinkles developing and the shoe getting disfigured is entirely ruled out.

The insole and the lining:

The insole, as well as the lining, also plays a pivotal role in determining the life of a leather shoe. A perfect shoe will have an extra insole, padded properly, to give your foot added comfort and to make the grip sturdier. Genuine leather insole or lining will help the shoe to last long and will negate any chance of bad foot odour whatsoever.

The Fragrance:

Yes! This is another secret that tells you whether the shoe from the manufacturer of leather shoes in India is a genuine one or not. Genuine and high-quality leather shoes will emit a rich fragrance. Fake or artificial leather will never be able to duplicate that fragrance. Besides, genuine leather does not have chemicals or other impurities mixed.

Looking for the sole details:

Examine the sole details. It is one of the most critical quality indicators.  You will find a wide variety of soles that are made up of rubber and leather and those extra light soles that help you to walk for long hours without forming blisters.

Before selecting the shoes, make sure that the soles are stitched to the body – not glued.

The Aesthetics:

Pay equal attention to the aesthetics as well as the visual sensibilities before you invest in leather dress shoes. In case you have opted for a hand-painted or a handcrafted one, pay heed to the finesse that the pair carries in terms of stitching perfection and colour finish.

The Shine:

Lastly, check if there is any unreal shine on it, or if the shine is genuine, resulted from a perfect polish of the leather. Artificial shine will peel off with time and will reduce the life of your shoe drastically. Probably one monsoon will all that it will be able to bear!

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