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Different Types of Neoprene Ballet Shoes in India

Different Types of Neoprene Ballet Shoes in India

Neoprene is a type of rubber that does not break down in the sun or water. Neoprene is also physically tough and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures and remains unaffected with various oils and chemicals. There are several varieties of material being used for designing ballet shoes. One of the most popular materials used for making ballet shoes is neoprene.

The main advantage of neoprene is that it has a flexible material. Neoprene ballet shoe manufacturer can mold a variety of designs with excellent flexible material. There are two types of neoprene ballet shoe. One is split sole shoes and the other one is the full sole shoes.

Full sole neoprene ballet shoe:

A neoprene ballet shoe manufacturer designs full sole ballet shoe due to the fact that apart from leather neoprene is one of the most suitable material to design a full sole shoe. Full sole ballet shoe is designed with a single sole that is being covered with the neoprene material fully. The heels in the shoes are just before the toes of the shoe that offers flexibility in the movement.

Split sole neoprene ballet shoe:

In this variety of shoe, the soles are divided into two portions. One part if the soles are in the area of the heel and other part covers the remaining feet area which makes these shoe flexible for various dance movements. Neoprene is one of the high-quality materials for the shoes with split sole. The flexibility of the material helps to make many designs on the split sole in an easy and faster way.

With the development of technology, the neoprene ballet shoe manufacturer has come across a newer variety of ballet shoes. These shoes are designed for the various aspects of dance and fitness. The factors of foot injury are also being considered for the development purpose.

The fact is that the dancers are extremely comfortable with neoprene ballet shoes while performing the dance on the stage. Neoprene is an extremely flexible material and this is one of the main reasons that can be molded into a variety of new designs.

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