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How to Choose The Best Split Sole Ballet Shoes For Dancing

How to Choose The Best Split Sole Ballet Shoes For Dancing

The rules for choosing dance shoes are based on the style of dance. According to the style of dance, the dancer can choose the shoes which you feel comfortable with. This is very essential in order to ensure to give your best possible performance. In ballet, having a comfortable pair of ballet shoes is no less important than any of other styles of dance performance. Exporter of ballet shoe in India are as follows:

Soft ballet shoes:

There are two types of soft ballet shoes are available which differentiates the sole of the shoes. Full sole ballet shoe reaches from the toe right down to the heel without a break. Elastics are either attached or within the shoes. Encourages the foot to work harder in order to achieve en-Pointe. Split sole ballet shoe has a break in between the ball of the foot and the heel. Elastics are either attached or within the shoes.

Exporter of ballet shoe in India

Demi Pointe shoe:

Demi point shoe has some features ob both the soft ballet shoe and the full Pointe shoe. The toe box is softer and the sides or wings are not as deer as in a Pointe shoe. Demi Pointe ballet shoes have no shank so are more flexible and do not have the support required for Pointe work.


Pointe ballet shoe varies in size and fits to suit individuals, but all have the same internal structure. The box is a hard enclosed space at the end of the shoes, designed to support the toes. The end of the box is flattened to create a platform enabling dancers to stand ‘en-Pointe’. Pointe shoe comes with a strong hard wearing suede type bottom so it can be bent to break the Pointe shoes in.

Split sole ballet shoe

Type’s of fabrics:

The vast majority and most popular ballet shoes are made up of leather and canvas though satin ballet shoes are also available which are very attractive. Each ballet shoes comes with either a suede full sole or split sole bottom to help with better grip and rotation when wearing the ballet shoes.

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