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How To Wear Ballet Flats?

How To Wear Ballet Flats?

I was happy to see some winter in Paris after a month of summer in the southern hemisphere (I know I know, tough time ^^), but enough is enough, I am already bored of snow (yes snow °o°) and am looking forward to spring.

Especially for spring outfits to be honest.

I miss my trench coat and the light dresses in shops seem sooo appealing right now.

And this year, I feel like I want… ballet flats. Something I was never really into in the past, thinking it was kind of a goody-two-shoes look (do you actually say this? I do not even remember where I read this but I liked how it sounded hihi).

I was especially not so keen about the mini bow (and still think that is not the best feature of many ballet flats).

But this year (well last year) came… the laced up ballet flats! Which is the kind of style which looks appealing to me!

When I think of it, last year I purchased a great back of pointy toe sling back metallic green ballet flats (yes all that in one shoe) which look super sophisticated.

Thinking even further, I used to own a pair of openwork ballet flats that were amongst my top fav shoes. Totally killed them after wearing them 5 years…

Everything but the classic ballet flats that is.

But after some research for the purpose of this post, it turns our even the classic ones can look cool.

Let’s see how to wear the ballet flats so you can wander the streets as light as Brigitte Bardot in her glorious days.

I. Choose stylish ballerinas

Yes OF COURSE, that sounds really obvious.

But no stylist can create an outfit good enough to save a pair of sturdy ballet flats.

Most important is: ballet flats should reflect a spirit of lightness. Think “delicate” even if you are aiming for studs.

Forget about poorly executed accessories “that say heavy” or thick soles. The fabric itself shall feel soft and mobile (not like here).

Remember they come from the world of ballet.

Brigitte Bardot purchased hers from a dance items shop (the now iconic Repetto).

She picked those because she wanted to be as free as possible while walking.

Naked feet would have been her daily choice if possible.

Think of yourself as a dancer when you choose them. They have to give you the feeling that your feet are super light.

Then only they’ll be able to give you the bouncy light walk Brigitte had.

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